Best Torrent Sites

The best Torrent sites available in term of lot of content these torrents sites are reliable and have a very good up time you can download movies from the sites. You will be able to download and watch all your favourite TV series with this torrent sites you can also download the latest music, and if you love to read you can also download the best book in torrent sites. VPN is Tor guard. Best speeds for torrenting works with a Netflix, zero logs policy.The torrent network help to search anything from music, movies, TV show, software, audio books….etc in Google store there are many Torrent websites hosting tones of legal Torrent also.Always use and VPN to protect your success hide your IP address and hide your location.How torrents will work check once which Torrent you look for, if you have any favourite torrent sites.

Best Top Working torrent Sites

Actually everyone have a curious to know about all torrenting websites before that you should be knowledgeable of some main principles. It’s widely known that’s almost all of the torrent sites exist to make happy people’s Desire and to download movies, shows, games, without paying anything at all.
However the p2p file portion based on network is high fragmentation, technical person or the internet provider can find the location of users torrenting activity by using an VPN to protect your searches hide your IP address and hide your location.

Top 10 Torrent

Pirates Bay torrents

It has a Alexa rank 289. Everybody wants to get latest applications movies, games, audio,books and many more but they can’t get easily so you can get the latest movies¬† applications anything on Pirates Bay. TPB for short again leads the 2019’s top Torrent websites. The famous websites list administration on its original domain.
How to download any file from Pirates Bay Torrent
Open your browser and search Pirates Bay, go to the sites (pirates bay )
List of a site will occur then select any one site.
Now search what you want to download like games, movies.
May links will occur select which file you want to download, “select get this torrent”
Now your file Will automatically open in Your torrent selects OK Then your downloading will start. In past it is almost all repeated Torrent website.

It has a Alexa Rank 185. is mainly for those who prefer downloading movies Torrent this website shutdown operations a while ago. The website is Managing the name on fashionable chats. while downloading YTS Torrent you maybe face risk when you are going to download a Torrent you are virtually connected to all the people in the crowd if any of them transfer a virus your PC might get infected that to if you are not using VPN your IP is public. Use VPN Before downloading uses
Easily download movies shows.
Open Web site ( select and open the movies which you want to download in the web address bar.
you have to write just play after (http//) and before (
Another window page will open and click on the play button. This is actually a website to watch the movies online. but we will use IDM to catch it and download it. instead of uTorrent wait for IDM to catch it for HD movies so it’s of 4 GB you will get the same size as in uTorrent for HD movies. Now click the download and enjoy movies.
It has a Alexa rank 246. It is one of the torrent website that’s Aware its optical appearance this site designed clearly and aligned correctly. The popular Torrent site hosts Torrent indifferent categories. The torrent will help in trending section this torrent can help the users finding a good Torrent to download.
It is design very clear look, it is also useful for old torrents movie shows.

It has a Alexa rank 328. It is one of the top torrent sites it is available in the torrent this torrent will help to download categories including movies, music, software, games,… etc. Need a VPN to use. It is safe to use is it legal to use with RARBG to torrent securely or to unblock access to RARBG
How to download a torrent from RARBG to download from RARBG torrent. First of all you have to open a Google Chrome browser, Firefox or Opera here you can find the address bar click here and enter the and press the enter button
Now you can see a website load up.
Now you have to choose which one you want to download click on movies or click on music then you can get one captcha here and enter the captcha same as Above. and you can download which one you to download.
RARBG is one of the Top popular torrent sites available on the internet other than regular torrent download categories including movies, music, images, games….etc. It is also host a separate web page to feature trailer of different movies and shows people may not go through torrent web site for watching trailers Still, it download definitely helpful to some people will also search top 10 torrents list for different categories to get idea of what further people crowd are downloading the torrent site.

It has a Alexa Rank 525. You may be well known that is torrent search it is also a one of the big torrent in Google it will help to find a torrents other web sites.
It encourage itself as a clone of the default torrent z it only undertake the job of finding the torrents present on other torrent sites in 2019’s also. It appears that torrentz2 top torrent sites Further using the search box to find a torrent user can also visit the my torrent z section Here they can take the help of the tag bubble and see here also you should use a VPN to hide your IP address.

It has a Alexa rank 1,276. EZTV. Ag has managing the domain itself under the top thousand websites on Alexa it has a great and impressive power (especially of a nation) knowledgeable the real age group that used to sail their ship on the kickass torrents and other torrents sites.
EZTV is visited by the internet population interested in downloading TV shows Torrent.
In fact EZTV is one of the most popular Torrent site. EZTV is also allows visitors to create users account where they can save games movies download it shows and everything.
Uses :
It will help to download more Torrents.


It has a Alexa rank 967. Limetorrent is also a one of the most popular Torrents on the top 10 torrent sites for 2019’s. It is the other website which host Torrent in different categories involving TV series, movies, games, shows… Etc limetorrents are mirror sites recently the government is block all the torrents websites like limes torrents, Kickass, 1337 x…. extra. whatever the reason might be we all can agree on the fact that the torrents amazing it is a very easy to download large files over the torrent so many people came up to get an idea to visit these sites this clone sites of the original sites are known as proxy sites. So when you cannot visit the original site you can use a limetorrent proxy sites to access the database.

It has a Alexa rank 1,764. Zooqle is one of most popular Torrent in 2019’s list it’s a new name Torrent in Internet it is rise well in the success charts pretty and quickly this credit goes to torrents crowd the torrent can easily located and find things using the neat and clean interface of Torrent websites.
The Zooqle, especially used to shows and movies Torrents. But the famous Torrent site also host torrents related to show software book files etc…

Totall 110 torrent site and they working torrent in proxies. It has a 4,936 Alexa rank. It is also one of the most popular site in 2019’s Torrent list it also does the job search Torrent on other websites once you compare the and Torrentz2 the site has a lot more offers then just being a torrent search engine. it will checking your browser before accessing a this process is automatic. you browse will redirect to your request content Torrent users can easily find the best torrent sites for movies, by visiting the different category page.
It has a Alexa rank 5,561. Torlock is other name for Zooqle. The, it will help to download the baixar films, music’s, jogos….etc Por torrent still, it’s carrying . Com LTD These host Best torrent sites available this will widely known Torrent site host torrents in a variety of categories and enables first recurrent visitors to maintain their account go to their looks Torlock may not have the best looks you can find however it mainly has edge over many more top torrent sites like the Pirates Bay, limetorrent, RARBG, 1337x…etc.. You should use VPN to hide your IP address and navigation (location)


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