Great and Easy Ways to Gain Weight Quick and Safely

Most of the people think that they can gain their weight by taking junk foods and oily foods. No doubt it help to gain their weight but this is not good for the health but the home remedy of Banana, raisins, milk and cardamom will definitely help you to gain weight in the form of muscles in a best way.

How To Get Weight Naturally

First thing eat lots of nutrients and vitamins. The single most important nutrient for gaining healthy weight is protein. Also, vegetarian food options that are healthy, good for skin and will help you to gain weight fast.

Common Causes of underweight

Underweight is a condition in which a humans body weight is considered too low to be healthy according to their body mass (BMI).some of the most common causes for this condition or Genetics, metabolism, some chronic illness, hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, cancer, anorexia nervosa or poverty in which an inducible cannot afford food.

So, here is the keys for health risks associated with being underweight and natural ways to avoid them. These tricks will definitely help you in getting alert so that you can better solve the issue before it’s too late.

Low physical stamina

If the body is not getting the appropriate nutrients requirements it is a pretty obvious 30 classes everything one by one. The person then fields lacking in stamina and energy. which hampers the day by day to day activities here mainly involved that in sexual activity as well.


It is also a common health Associates it being underweight anaemia covers the iron is deficiency commonly among maal Naresh individuals, Lack of iron contributes in lack of hemoglobin and sluggish flow of blood which results in malnourished body organs as well.


It is a condition in which the body starts taking Calcium from its results such as bones because of the absence of calcium consumption in appropriate amount.

Poor immunity

Under weighted persons are most likely getting dropped into a number of sickness is caused due to the sluggish body’s defence mechanism are immunity. Poor dietary habits cause this. which getting like a cold cough frequently.

Cold body temperature

The fat layer in the body regulates the body heat skinny or anorexic body feels. cold even if the external environment is warm.

Heart related diseases and Diabetes

Most of the skinny people think they can eat whatever they want so they feed on junk . This habit leads to accumulation of fats in their other body organs such as heart causing various diseases and disorders.

Diabetes too is associated with an appropriate insulin release which has no relation been just with obese people only.

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Add more calories to your diet

Here are the 15 Best calorie foods

1. Eggs

It is an easiest thing that you can lay your hands around in the kitchen and probably around in the economical too. But make sure that you have whole eggs. Therefore, with the Yolk too as they are high in Calories and nutrition this have about 450 calories in two large eggs.

2. Avocado

It is one of the fruit that is high on taste nutrition and calories to. An avocado is also write in good fats that provides added nutrients but won it cause too much of weight gain problems in the long run. An avocado as about 200 calories in a small fruit.

3. Multigrain Breads

Dada high calorie food that you can add to your everyday diet includes all grain breads. this contain natural gluten, which is high on Calories and also feels you up but the good thing is you can avoid added fats here by opting for olive oil instead of butter.

4. Granola Bars

In this some other fruits also included like nuts, peanut, butter extra. that are very high in calories the best part is that you get these calories from a range of high fibre cereals like Oats and barely calorie count is about 300 calories per serving.

5. Butter

Any clarified butter or regular but are you sure get a high dose of calories through this food. Made from milk. Butter is processor to be preserved for longer periods and adds to high calorific value for the body. Calorie count is about 400 calories per 100 grams.

6. Pasta

Pasta too is nutrient which ingredient if you used the right way. Most pastas are made from either wheat or semolina that adds to high calories along with fibres to Have it with the source for gaining some healthy fat. calorie count is about 300 calories per serving.

7. Cheese

Made from milk cheese is one of the most high calorie foods that satisfied your taste Buds and it is versatile. Be it Feta, cheddar or permeability or any other kind of exotic . Cheese, you will get a high number of calories here to with some good fat and cholesterol. calorie count is about 300 calories per serving.

8. Salmon

Salman is high calorie seafood that is highly recommended for athletes and sports personal. It has Omega 3 fatty acids long with fish oils that provides different health benefits to the body. It has a Boat 400 to 500 calories per 100 grams

9. Dried fruits

Pink dried prunes, berries, raisins any other kind of fruit that has been dried for longer preservation These are foods that contain about 300 calories per 100 grams and could be more or less depending on Sugar content.

10. Chocolates

Basically this dark and good food is ideal are those suffering from depression or just needing a mood lift. And of course, this is one of high calorie food that all age groups love including in. It has about 400 to 600 calories per serving.

11. Nuts

Brazilian Nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, Etc are some of the highest calorie foods available. 100 grams serving could be up to 400 calories depending on salt and other additives.

12.Beef & lard

Red meat is one of the highest in calories values when it comes to this foods. In fact about 100 grams of beef has almost 900 calories. But these come with their share of cardiovascular problems and diseases. This should be eaten in moderation.

13. Potatoes

It is high on nutrition, potatoes are a complete high calorific food. It contains potassium 100 grams of potatoes have about 80 calories.

14. Bananas

This fruit is that all kids are given for weight gain high on calories bananas is not really cause of excessive weight gain but it is calorie rich. A big banana contains about 120 calories but it is low on fat high on Calcium and Iron

15. Full Fat yogurt

Full Fat Yogurt contents almost 150 calories in small Cup. But it provides you with fats that are healthy for the body along with probiotics and healthy nutrients to that aid in better immunity.


Since our body composition is 80% diet we should not ignore the crucial role of food in a weight gain struggle. And average person needs around 3500 calories to gain a pound.

You need an extra 500 calories a day if you want to put on extra weight in week.

Protein is the key for muscle building it will help you gain muscles weight rather than fat mass. Good sources of protein or red meat and poultry, eggs, whole grains, Salman is high in Calories, and healthy fats. Yoghurt is high in protein too.

Olives and cheese are great when you want something. fresh and new carry energy dense snacks to fill your hunger when you are out.

Choose avocado, potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn fruits like bananas, blueberries, grapes, mangoes, can give you Calories and fibre.

Eat as much as you want but avoid feeling bloated and extra full for hardgainers eating 4 to 6 per day should be enough. Remember to make your portions smaller and diverse eat one small snack one hour before bed that will help you gain weight.

If you can also do the workouts of squats deadlifts process and push-ups. this will produces to you multiple muscles and familiar to all if you see the progress in weight gain in a week or two.

Eat more food

The leading trick to gain weight is to consume more calories than your body can burn. The mistake that most people do is to go by their feelings.

Keep track of everything you need to know how much calories your body needs for you to gain weight.

Consider two first week you will have difficulties eating all the required calories for you to gain weight. After maybe two weeks your stomach will stretch and start getting Hunger more often.

Lift weights to develop your Strength :

How to increase by lifting weight in the set. This is the right technique to develop your capacity of strength and you can increase your size and weight.

By lifting heavy weights, you can easily get muscles and mass & weight gain. studies show that muscle growth 10 to be equal despite using light weights or heavy weights. But this is only true when going to near failure, and one benefit lifting heavy weights is the better strength gains you see when compared to light weights.

breathing techniques also come into play especially when you begin to lift extremely heavy weight .

To start I think it’s important to define what heavy trolley is I believe that heavy weights are those that cause you to fail in the 3 to 8 repeats ranges.

That knowing that most people don’t ever truly fail with weights since the quiet the minute they feel discomfort are burning on their muscles during the lit ye well executed heavy set would likely cause you to find in the 5 to 10 rep Range.

That said, the best way to build muscle improve strength is to workout with heavy weights within this rep ranges.

Therefore, as soon as this though was planted, it grows and develops to become a reality and put you into action. So, please don’t underestimate the power of an idea in this article. Be strong commitment to what you started and remember why you did.


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