How To Enable The Touch ID/Face ID On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the popular messaging app from Facebook it was reported by an earlier time to launch a fingerprint and face ID authentication added security, the feature is used more in iOS users. How to configured correctly that touch ID integration depending on your preferences.

How To Enable Face Unlock For WahtsApp

After a long time Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger has finally got the touch ID/ face ID integration. Whichever is available on your IOS for iPhone.
So it has been one of the most adviser feature, by the iPhone users which will let them to protect all the WhatsApp conversation and media files in the share on WhatsApp Messenger.

If you haven’t seeing it on your iPhone, go to the “App Store” at the right bottom corner.
click on the “updates” then select WhatsApp Messenger updates, once the update is completed, open the WhatsApp messenger and you will be seeing this options in the settings, account and privacy.

Enable The Touch ID/Face ID For WhatsApp

whatsapp Face unlock apple iphones
Open the WhatsApp Messenger enable the “face ID authentication” go to the settings tab click on the ‘accounts’ and then click on the ‘privacy’ in the privacy section scroll down at last one where you can find ‘screen lock feature’, simply that require face ID authentication. It should be need to select timings whether, you want to lock immediately.
Every time you don’t want to authenticate face ID or touch id you can configured with time slot ,it is available here like 1 minute or 15 minutes if you select a time slot it is automatically lock the same time.Furthermore, once you close the WhatsApp and reopen the WhatsApp , see now, it’s locked with face ID.It will shows now WhatsApp is locked. It will ask face ID, only, you will be able to unlock this WhatsApp here after. Unlock the WhatsApp with face ID. [don’t forget to update your WhatsApp]

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