How To Get AdSense Approval

Check this article before applying the AdSense we all know that Google AdSense is the best for bloggers because it is the best contextual advertising Network and pays highest cost per click great then any advertising network but getting a Google AdSense approval it is not very easy Google AdSense have some particular strict account approval policies.If you create the standard website there should be a new blog post if it is quality website definitely you can get approval AdSense Account.

Google declared that you should have a website or blog before applying for AdSense you should create them in professional email for websites the main problem is for bloggers is issue with the page type it will also mentioned terms and conditions. For those who applying for the AdSense Account, who’s maintaining a blogger should be 18 years old the contents should be written in which style and it is a readable for the users and with good grammar and have good spelling it might be the reason for absence approvals.

How to get Approved AdSense Account

how to get approved adsense account
1. Generate A block it you should buy a custom domain name with particular email address.

2. Set up a custom domain for your blog where you create a blog in a are free version will be there in your domain name so you have to buy a domain name for any restart an setup custom domain for Blog, .net, .org, .in.

3. Forgetting hey Google AdSense account within a week you need to choose a better niche for your blog.

4. You should post at least 3 to 4 styling post daily. Post content to your blog don’t copy paste other block content.

5. You should post at least 28 post a week after the completion of the post apply for AdSense.

How To Apply for AdSense Account

First of all you go to blogger dashboard and then click on earning > sign up for AdSense > sign in.Now choose a language and click on save and continue.

Here on application form will display then fill up the form of AdSense account type a name your address and pin code mobile number and everything choose that below all “yes”. And then at last click on “submit my application”.

This is the way to apply AdSense account then within 24 hours you will get a email from Google AdSense group inform you. That your application is rejected due to insufficient content or any mistakes in your blog so when your application is rejected by Google AdSense group. You have to post again to your blog post again post daily for post you can get all post in 3 days so after 10 days now U block will have 40 post again follow the similar ways.

Go to dashboard > earning and then “resubmit” your Google AdSense application.
Now wait for again 24 hours you can get the email in Google AdSense team to inform you that your application has been approved successfully when you put your first Google AdSense and put your Blog by gadgets in layout of your blog and within 24 hours again Google AdSense will ads will soon on your blog now we are done AdSense account approved successfully sometimes you have to apply at almost all 4 to 5 Re-submission of your google AdSense application.

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