How To See Removed WhatsApp Messages

Now a days WhatsApp is famous messaging app from Facebook every people preferred WhatsApp for sending messages and receiving messages and any media files everyone got new feature that is “Delete for everyone” feature it will help the messages can be deleted individual charts, this feature is available on every Android IOS and Windows, that unsend message from users have deleted message like “this message was deleted” it will be visible instead of the unsend message.It is a 2018’s trick almost works on following without root devices or Samsung, redmi, Lenovo, HTC….etc. and iOS iPhone also.

How to recover the removed WhatsApp messages

how to view whatsapp deleted messages

We believe that you are charts on very important so if you have accidentally deleted your chats, then don’t worry here is the solution for you. You can restore deleted chat easily.
1. Install the WhatsApp from Google Store open WhatsApp on your Android.
2. Here can take one conversation and first of all, deleted and then try to cover it.

3. Give a long press on chat tap the delete icon, then click on ‘delete’.

4. Click gear icon, go to settings applications-> application manager scroll down and click on WhatsApp.

5. Tap the clear data you can see here a pop-up window click on Clear button.

6. Go to my files, and then click on device storage Browse the following track device storage WhatsApp databases.

7. Give a long press on files name messages Store database and rename the file name to backup messages Store database and give a tap on the name.

8. Go to WhatsApp and agree and click on continue.

9. Enter your phone number click on next then tap ”OK”.

10. Now you will receive 6 digit OTP on your phone then enter the OTP on the blank box, now click the restore to retrieve deleted messages.

11. Now you can see here messages has been restored successfully now click on next.
12. Type your name and click on next.

13. Select “never” by tap on radio button and then give it a tap and done.

14. Open the WhatsApp conversation and here you can see messages has been restored successfully this method also works on PC online WhatsApp web by with out back up your chats without apps using.

By Using third party app (Notisave app)

In Google Play Store we have many more apps by recovering the what’s app messages.
Here I prefer Notisave app.

1. First of all, install the Notisave application this is available on Google Play Store.
2. After the completion of installation click to open it.
3. Enable the Notisave application, also enable accessibility settings and notification access in your Android mobile.
4. After the settings are enabled, now you can recover deleted messages in your WhatsApp this is the way you can easily read the deleted messages in your WhatsApp.

Another way to Restore Deleted  WhatsApp messages

1. Open your Android mobile go to the home screen.
2. click and hold any free Area on the mobile screen, click on the “widgets” and you can find the settings ‘widget’ on the list
3. Here tap and hold the widget icon next you can find here some category options will appear.
4. now choose notification log.
5. Here clicking the new settings icon on your Android home screen.
It could show some notification from past messages and the deleted WhatsApp messages. The deleted WhatsApp messages will appear as a notifications


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