4 Simple Tricks for PUBG Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile unveiled in previous and present year in this article we have some tricks and tips to help PUBG mobile beginners instantly become better players to win chicken dinner PUBG mobile has been created complete sensation with overall 50 million downloads in the Google store. It is the second big competition 2019’s series “campus competition” which was provide On previous year having a prize pool of Rs 1 crore, the competition must see players fighting it out to earn delicious comfortable chicken dinner.

Simple Hacks to Get Pubg Chicken Dinner

For those who are the beginners to the PUBG mobile game. First of all, you must know that PUBG is all about surviving till the better and here you can play the PUBG game with your Facebook friends also.PUBG game developer recently declared that one of its biggest competition for the country.

There are 4 tricks for PUBG Mobile :
1. Game setting
2. Landing spots
3. Staying with your team members
4. Take dissimilar guns.

Game settings :-

pubg mobile game tips and tricksBefore starting the game we are having some of settings you must check one or two times and give adjustment in order wise to become a better player.
First of all, you should select a ‘third person view'( direction of plane) and then ‘first person view’ It is latest update in PUBG first you can click on the below ”game mode button”click on start and select between third person or any first person then adjust graphics quality depending on your mobile phones capacity, just adjust graphics quality but a highest graphics grade settings will certainly make it very easy to shoot your other enemies.

In settings Kannada on the right top settings and click on Basics to learn the peek and fire if you enable that we can find it will help you to pick from back cover and you to give a shots without a review still uncover your head used with reason.

Use gyroscope framing downsides go to “Settings” and tap on “Basics” then select and enable the “gyroscope” click on scope on in this PUBG mobile takes the capability to use your mobile gyroscope to goal it will be help when goal is down sights.
Also keep the Aim assist is in enable, to enable the aim assist go to “settings” tap on basic and then select aim assist click on enable the aim assist will help you to shoot the Enemies fast it will also take you to close quarter gunshots the left side file option will help you to shoot easily and left hand side enemies.

Enable the Auto Open Doors go to settings > basic and click on that Open doors then select “enable”, by enabling the Auto Open Doors you can get inside buildings quickly adjust the size and position of controls go to settings app and controls then click on customise and adjust the size of button according to requirement size if you have made the Grenade button little smaller to make it difficult to type the shift the left side side button to which area left thumb lands.
Enable auto adjust graphics go to settings app and graphics enable the auto adjust graphics automatically lowers settings if FPS fluctuates too much.

Landing spots :-

Select the best landing spot is very main thing, Opportunity of landing spot will depends on whether you are comfortable with gun fights and waiting to get the perfect loot.

However, you might be compromised to drop at landing places unique pochinki, military base or school because most loot is very high risk Hacienda del patron and pecado, Hacienda del patron middle of the ‘samartin’ and water treatmen. More loot, high risk, they are prison it is on Southwest age on the map Campos militar it is on the North East corner of the map if you like this popular navigation you can decrease the chance of surviving to even made it to the end game.

Hence, you are in the chicken dinner the circle is normal is small then that mistake will send you back to the lobby, So better play on the edge if you play and the position edge such as 4x or 8x scope you can easily find out the places where the blue circle is the nearest to the white you can easily watch the total view of the play zone.

Stay With your Team Members :-

If you are staying with Team it will allows you to protect yourself if someone attacks in back side then the team will help to give a review You Back To Life transmission is other member thing that more PUBG mobile players ignore.

Taking Different types of guns :-

It is very important players carrying AKM and DP 28 it’s not great but both of these weapons take the same 7.62 mm Bullet size, Alternatively carry to Ass watt Rifles that take same 7.62 mm Bullet size it is better to carry 2 Guns that take dissimilar bullets for example M 416 and AKM guns.


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