Smartphones Radiation Levels

Smartphones are now an crucial part of our life we start our day with our Smartphones and we end the day with mobile phones so clearly 1 hour without our smartphones is difficult for most of us. Given how integrated they are into Virtually every one’s life. yet, While this societal obsession in often discussed in the context of how human interaction is changing there is far less awareness of the potential damaging effect of the radiation that these phones EMIT. But 20 electronic gadgets that we use everyday is it safe? let’s find it.?


A report released by the German Federal office for radiation protection (Bundesamt fur strahlenschutz) reveals the amount of radiation emitted by some newer and older smart phones models the data is released in watts per kilogram with the safe earphones reporting lowest scores the handset the emits the highest level radiation according to this dat is the Xiaomi. Actually mobile companies should be our of the side effects of radiation and design their mobiles according to the facet of.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), What is SAR value of your mobile?
phone it’s basically a measure of the amount of energy absorbed by the body when exposed to radiation frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phones.
Its Express in watts / kilogram and the lower the value means say for the devices to use.

It began at 1st September 2012 the mobile handset with existing design which are complying with the SAR value of 2.0 w/kg average over 10 gram of human tissue. Averaged over 10 grams of human tissue continue to exist up to 31st August 2013. For all mobile devices the SAR value limit of 1.6 Watts/kg. DOT letter dated 25th January 2012. share value to display like IMEI on package and phone all mobile phone handsets in India to support hands free operation.

Here Are The Some List Of High , Low Radiation Emitting Mobile With Radiation Level

List Of radiation Levels which mobiles can emiting

Samsung mobile phones are contains least radiations. Samsung Note 8 producers providing or least prone to radiations and out of the 16 enlisted smartphones are from Samsung.

How to check your mobile’s Radiation Emitting Value

Any one can check their mobiles Radiation values by simply using this method.Open your dial pad and call *#07# , then you will get values of radiation and other factor values.

Xiaomi, one plus Top list of phones emitting highest radiation levels,
Xiaomi Mi A1 even emits the highest level of radiation in a list of current smartphone models follower by the one plus Top 5 T, according to research are conducted the German Federal office radiation protection the list of top 18 smartphones am eating the most radiation complaint by the statista – based on the data provided by the German body is majorly dominated by models by Xiaomi and one plus where are Samsung phones are found to lead the range of least radiation models.

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