WhatsApp Web For Desktop

Whats-app web will help to use a whatsApp on your desktop or PC. WhatsApp Web will provides many features like sending, receiving text messages media files, images much more.As of now WhatsApp Web not available for Pc, Laptops.By using simple method we can able to access WhatsApp on Your Personal Computers.

How to Open WhatsApp Web On Laptop, Computers

WhatsApp is a most famous Messaging app from FaceBook.Now days every one prefer whatsapp for sending and receiving messages and photos.Day to day there a are millions of users increasing as a members for WhatsApp.

whatsapp web On Pc LaptopsRequirements to use whats-app on desktop or PC

  1. One android device with rear camera with whatsApp Mobile App.
  2. Computer system/ lap / PC with Any internet browser Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.
  3. The Internet connection should be enabled both on mobile and desktop.

How To Open WhatsApp Web On Desktop

  1. Just open up you any internet browser , then enter web.whatsapp.com on url section, or imply search on google as Whatasppweb.
  2. Now you can find whatsapp web home page with QR code image.
  3. Now Open Whatsapp on your mobile, click on Menu options, there you can find WhatsApp Web , Click On That.
  4. After that your Mobile Camera will be open, Now scan that QR code Box with your camera.than you can see Whatsapp Chats on Your Desktop.

Now you can able to send text, Media messages quickly from your desktop.its very simple and easy.Also you can Manage all Chats, Group chats from your Desktop without touching your mobile.

How to log out from WhatsApp Web on Pc, Desktop

If You want to completely logout from Desktop, simply follow this.Open Your WhatsApp in mobile, click on menu , select WhatsApp Web.Now you can able to view the list of devices used.simply click on Device name , there you will see Log Out From This device ??. If you want to log out hit on Log Out.Also you can able to log out from all other devices by clicking on “Log Out From all Devices“.Now you have been logged out from whatsapp Web.Note, no messages or Images are not deleted by performing logout function, everthing will be stored on your mobile device.

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